What is an Orthodontic Therapist?


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At The London Orthodontic Group  we have a team of highly skilled and experienced Orthodontic Therapists.  They assist and work under the supervision of our Orthodontists to improve treatment efficiency and patient care.

Furthermore, Orthodontic Therapists (OTs) are a relatively recent addition to the range of Dental Care Professionals in the UK. The first OT’s qualified in 2007 having undertaken courses approved by the General Dental Council.

Who can become an Orthodontic Therapist? 

All our Orthodontic Therapists are UK-trained. To train as an Orthodontic Therapist you must be qualified in dental nursing, dental hygiene, dental therapy or dental technology. Training to become an OT involves an intensive period of study followed by a period working as a trainee in a practice. Subsequently, the trainee will then undertake the Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy examinations in order to gain General Dental Council registered status as an Orthodontic Therapist.

What procedures can an Orthodontic Therapist carry out?

Orthodontic Therapists can only undertake those procedures described in the GDC’s Scope of Practice. This does not include irreversible procedures such as enamel removal or surgical interventions. Most of all, Orthodontic Therapists are not involved in the diagnosis and treatment planning of a patient.  Treatment planning includes decisions about choice of treatment mechanics used during the course of treatment. Therefore during a course of orthodontic treatment, the use of different mechanics is monitored, reassessed and prescribed by the supervising orthodontist throughout.

For avoidance of doubt, an Orthodontic Therapist can take your diagnostic records (impressions, photos, radiographs), fit appliances, adjust your braces also remove the appliances at the end of treatment and fit retainers – on a clear prescription from a supervising orthodontist.

Finally, all our Orthodontic Therapists continue their professional training and development by attending various courses, lectures and seminars and keep informed on latest technological advances and treatment solutions to ensure that you continue to receive the excellent service and care.

To find out more about our team of Orthodontic Therapists, please go to https://londonlovesbraces.com/about-us.

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