Privacy and Dignity Policy

Privacy and Dignity Policy

Privacy is the freedom of intrusion and dignity is being worthy of respect.

To achieve high standards of patient dignity and to put patient experience high on the agenda.

To provide a framework for improving the patient experience in all care areas within our dental practice around six key themes:

General Principles
Every member of staff has a duty to see that the privacy and dignity of all patients are respected.

The practice consistently monitors the environment within the practice with regard to privacy and dignity issues.

Respectful attitudes and behaviours are promoted and assured preventing patients experiencing offensive and negative attitude and behaviours.

Patients and relatives/carers should be given clear information on how to raise concerns and to whom.

Problems in relation to standards and guidelines on privacy and dignity in care of patients shall be monitored and reported through the incident reporting system.

Attitudes & Behaviours – Patients feel that they matter all the time.

Personal World & Personal Identity – Patients experience care in an environment that actively encompasses individual values, beliefs and personal relationships.

Personal Boundaries & Space – A patient’s personal space is actively promoted by all staff.

Communication between Staff and Patients - Communication between staff and patients takes place in a manner that respects their individuality.

Privacy & Confidentiality of Personal Information – Information is shared with consent to enable care

Privacy, Dignity & Modesty – Patients care actively promotes their privacy and dignity and protects their modesty.

Approved By: Rosy Oli
Date Published: 24/09/2021